DYE-RITE Carpet Systems of N. E. has been providing residential and commercial customers on location carpet dyeing, carpet and upholstery cleaning and spot dyeing for over 20 years. Our reputation for excellent work and reasonable prices are the reasons so many choose DYE-RITE. Our entire staff cares about each job done and are there to serve you. DYE-RITE is fully insured and will be happy to furnish references upon request.


  1. How is a wall to wall carpet dyed on location?
    First your carpet is thoroughly cleaned with a powerful truck-mounted steam-cleaning unit to maximize cleaning results. Color is then applied with electronically operated equipment that controls the flow of dye. Wall shields are used to protect baseboards and walls. Color is worked in, extracted and your carpet is groomed.
  2. What type of carpet can be dyed?
    Nylon and wool carpets are dyeable. Polyester, acrylic and polypropylene carpets are not. If you are unsure, please e-mail us and we will evaluate your carpet by asking you to mail us a few strands that will be tested at our facility.
  3. What color can my carpet be dyed?
    Acid based dyes are translucent and therefore, carpet dyeing is not like painting over one color with a new one. The color in your carpet determines the color we can dye it. For example if your carpet is red and we add yellow dye, red and yellow make orange, or if your carpet is blue and we add red dye, blue and red make purple. We must utilize the existing color, and add a color or colors to achieve your goal. White and beige carpets can be changed to just about any color. A true deep black can not be achieved, as the dyes are translucent. Always remember that you can only go darker. Color can not be taken out of your carpet then re-dyed.
  4. How long will it take and when can I walk on it?
    An average room takes about 1-2 hours. A whole house can take up to one day. You may use your carpet immediately, however, try to keep heavy traffic off damp carpet because it attracts dirt. Furniture can be moved back in place and the technician will provide carpet pads or blocks for articles, which need them.
  5. Will the dye rub off?
    Acid based dyes are used for nylon and wool carpet. The dyes are colorfast and will not rub off, wash off, or abnormally fade or change with cleaning. The dyes are non-toxic and provide level lustrous color.
  6. Is there any guarantee?
    The dyes are guaranteed permanent and color fast.
  7. How much will it cost to have my carpet dyed?
    Carpet dyeing is about one-third the cost of replacement. The average room is approximately $100.00 which includes cleaning, preparation for dyeing and carpet dyeing. Commercial rates are available upon request.
  8. How can I pay?
    We have made paying as simple as possible, as you have the option of check, money order, cash and credit cards.

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